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Is a carpet or rubber car mat the right choice for my Ford Fiesta?

There are many advantages to having a car mat. For example, a car mat will protect the interior of your car from dirt and spilt food and drink. This not only protects the quality of your car but prevents harmful bacteria from accumulating in your car interior, which may be dangerous for yourself and your passengers. There are two primary car mat materials, rubber and carpet, and we discuss the benefits of both these materials below…


ford fiesta car mats - carpet

ford fiesta car mats – carpet

• Practical

Carpet car mats with anti-slip and water-resistant technology are incredibly practical as they ensure the car mats do not fall out of place or slide around your vehicle. They also make entering and exiting a vehicle easy and safe for passengers who are not sturdy on their feet.

• Aesthetic

If you love the interior of your car and do not want to compromise the quality of its appearance, a carpet car mat may be the right choice for you. Custom car floor mats can be made to specifically complement a Ford Fiesta, ensuring the car mats blend beautifully with the car. Further, both rubber and carpet car mats can be completed with professional cloth bound edging, giving them a smart, attractive finish.


• Durable

You may prefer a rubber mat option for your Ford Fiesta if you wish to protect your car interior from adverse weather conditions. Snow, rain and mud can all harbour bacteria and damage the interior of your car, but rubber car mats are durable and designed to protect your car for the long term.

• Anti-slip

Like carpet car floor mats, rubber mats are created with an anti-slip design that ensures they stay in place on the floor of your Ford Fiesta. Rubber car mats have a 3mm thickness, making them discreet additions to a vehicle. An average set of car mats weighs 5kg, making them incredibly hard-wearing and long-lasting – they will not need to be replaced frequently.

Which type of car mat is right for me?

Both carpet and rubber car mats are fantastic, durable options. For car owners concerned about the style of their car interior, a carpet car mat may be the better option, however. For those who would prefer a more durable mat suitable for all weather conditions, a rubber car mat may be a preferable option.

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