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4 signs that it’s time to replace your car floor mats

Car mats are an essential accessory for any car and choose them wisely and they’ll last for years. However, even the best quality car mats get worn down with time. After all, you’re always stomping on them with your shoes, dropping dirt and liquids on them, and all other kinds of injustices. But that’s what they’re there for right?

Here’s a quick rundown of four clear signs that your car floor mats need replacing.

1. They slip around

After some time, the treads on car mats get worn out and disappear. When this happens, they start moving around and slip easily when stepped on. This is a clear sign that your car floor mat needs replacing.

Car mats are designed to fit firmly on car floors and stay in position when stepped on. So, don’t hesitate to replace your old ones with better options.

2. You are selling your car

Nobody wants to buy a car with a worn-out car mat inside it. Replacing your old car floor mats goes a long way towards securing your car a buyer. Car mats are some of the best accessories that will make your car look and feel brand new again.

Ensure, therefore, that you invest in a fresh set of car floor mats before selling your vehicle.

3. They start ripping

You know it’s time to replace your car floor mat the moment you notice a hole or tear on it. No matter how tiny the hole is, the main reason for using car mats is to protect the carpet beneath it from dirt and liquids.

You should, therefore, replace your car mats immediately you notice a rip in it to prevent it from potentially damaging the bigger investment.

4. Funny smells

The matter of foul odour emanating from inside your vehicle probably points back to the car mat. Tailored car mats carry the brunt of everything that you step on every day, from mud to garbage.

So, it makes sense that the car mat will smell. Replace the funny-smelling car mats with new ones and have your car smelling like new.

Bottom line

Replacing old car mats with new ones makes the car safer and feel newer. This is especially beneficial if you use and drive your car a lot. Car mats are among the best accessories you can ever have for your vehicle.

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