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Practical guide: top 4 cleaning tips for car floor mats

Car mats are perhaps the best car accessories that you can have, provided you know how to care for and maintain them. It all starts with how you clean them, high-quality car mats do not need to be cleaned professionally and can be maintained easily by the car owner. Here are a few cleaning tips that you can apply before cleaning your car floor mats:

1. Organise your car

The first step to cleaning your car mats is ensuring the area around them in clean. You can start by removing any objects lying on the car floor and seats. Organise the car’s compartments and remove any clutter that may make the interior look untidy.

This will also enable you to see any dirt, grime, or stains on your car floor mats.

2. Remove car mats from the car

Never forget to remove the car mats from your car before cleaning them. It’s vital to note that some parts of the vehicle cannot have moisture or water in them, the brake and clutch pedals are a few of those parts. You, therefore, don’t want to risk putting soapy water and other solutions on your mats while they’re still inside.

3. Use only mat cleaners designed for car floor mats

There are different types of car cleaners at the hardware store. However, only a select few are designed to clean car floor mats. The best way of knowing which mat cleaner to use is to know the kind of material that the floor mat is made of.

For instance, you only need soap, baking soda, and water to wash rubber car mats. But for a car mat that resembles a carpet, a good carpet cleaner would suffice.

4. Choose an easy-to-use brush

By now, you probably already know that vacuuming your car mat won’t get all the dirt and grime from it. You need to scrub the mat with soap and water to ensure that you get all the stains and bacteria residing in them. Here’s where a good brush is an added advantage.

Bottom line

If your current car mats are beyond cleaning, it may be time to purchase new mats from UK Seatcovers.

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