Seat Covers

How seat covers can help you sell your used car

Are you planning to sell your used car? Obviously, you’ll want to try to get as much money as possible. The value of your vehicle may be higher, or lower, than the market average for its age.

You can increase the chance of selling your used car by doing what you can to raise its value. Here’s how seat covers can bring you car sale success:

Do you already have seat covers?

If you’ve been using seat covers since your car was brand new, you’ve already done the hard work. Those covers have protected your seats, leaving them in as-new condition. If your seat covers are still in excellent condition then you can choose to leave them on your vehicle. If they’re not, take them away and show off the original seats.

If you’re removing your seat covers, it might help to sell a new set with your car. Well-kept seats are worth protecting, and buyers will appreciate this gesture.

What if you haven’t been using seat covers?

If you haven’t used seat covers whilst driving your vehicle, you’ve missed out on a great opportunity. But, that doesn’t mean that you’re left without any other options.

Buy a brand new set of seat covers. Keep them sealed in their original packaging, and mention them in your car advertisement. Explain that the seats are not in perfect condition, but that you’ll throw in brand new covers ‘free of charge’. If someone’s put off by your vehicle’s interior, this could sway their decision.

Perhaps you’re in the fortunate few that’s got away with not using seat covers? Maybe your seats still look brand new, even though you haven’t been protecting them? This doesn’t mean that a set of seat covers won’t raise the value of your vehicle. Why not provide a stylish set to make your car stand out from the crowd? Buyers will like this extra gift, making their new car look slightly different from dozens of others on the market. It’s a simple customisation, costing less than £30, to raise the market value of your car.

Buy seat covers online, for all car and van makes and models. Best of luck selling your car!

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