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Why seat covers are a great investment for your van or food truck

If you drive a van that you own, or you own a fleet of vans that are driven by other drivers, you may not think seat covers are a particularly beneficial investment. You’d be wrong, however! Seat covers are an excellent addition to any vehicle, especially one that’s used in a professional capacity. Here are three reasons why.

Keeping the seats clean

Vans are almost always working vehicles, so it’s highly likely you or whoever is driving your van might get in with dirty clothes. If you’re a builder, catering professional or have any other form of work where your clothes can get messy, it’s easy to track all manner of things into the van with you. Dust, dirt and food mess can quickly stain your van’s seats. This not only ruins the seats, but means the next time you get in your clean clothes will get dirty. Seat covers get around this by protecting the seat from any dirt and grime, and you can either remove them to wash them or simply replace them.

Preventing seat wear

Your van likely spends a lot of time on the road, which means a lot of time spent in the driving seat. Without a seat cover, this can cause the seat to begin to wear – and as vans tend to do much more mileage than the average car, this process can be even faster than you might expect. Another common place van seats wear is on the side bolster, where the driver is getting in and out of the van repeatedly. This is particularly the case on delivery vans, where the driver is getting out multiple times a day. A seat cover can put much less pressure on the seat, meaning there is less chance of rips, tears, and pattern fade.

Protecting your asset

A seat cover is an easy and effective way to improve your van’s residual value when you come to sell it or to prevent you encountering extra costs when you return it at the end of your lease. It also helps to make or a cleaner, more comfortable environment for the driver.

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    This is the second email I have sent , I received my seat covers yesterday, I ordered a 2 +1 but received 2 x single covers which I cannot use!! Please send me a return label and if you cannot supply what I ordered a full refund ASAP

    A Thomas

    1. SEO says:


      Sorry for any problems caused, we will be sending you a return label very soon and will send the correct item you placed.

      Please note this was a genuine mistake.

      Kind regards,

      UK Seat covers

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